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Introducing Skillshop Gift Cards

Q- What is a Skillshop Gift Card?
A- Skillshop Gift Card is a special Gift Card that you can buy for your employees, loved once or even for yourself.

Q- What is a denomination of a Gift Card?
A- Skillshop Giftcard comes in a variety of amount like ₹499, ₹998, ₹1,497, ₹1,996, ₹2,495, ₹2,994

Q- How to use this Gift Card?
A- You can buy this Gift Card and mention email id of your employee, loved once or your’s and they will get a unique gift card number i.e: P7E2-KJS3-94RW-ZQBC via email.

Q- How will my employee, loved once get Gift Card Number?
A- They will get Gift Card Number on their email, which you mentioned while buying Skillshop Gift Card.

Q- How can I use this Gift Card Number?
A- You can use this Gift Card Number while buying Skillshop Courses. When you buy our course, on cart page there’s a option to redeem Gift Card. You need to enter a valid Gift Card Number i.e: P7E2-KJS3-94RW-ZQBC

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Gift Card Amount

₹499, ₹998, ₹1,497, ₹1,996, ₹2,495, ₹2,994