Google Ads (Adwords)- HINDI

Google Ads (Adwords)- HINDI

  • by hy2qu77
  • Course level: Intermediate


Learn how to create Google AdWords campaigns that boost traffic, increase sales, and build your business online. You will also get a firm grasp on the basics and advanced of AdWords and how it works, which is necessary to create successful campaigns. And, on top of Lifetime Access to the course. Also updates of the course.

FAQ’s- Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Do you provide a certificate for this course?
A- Yes we do provide a certificate of completion for this course

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be able to run your Google Ads Campaigns successfully

Topics for this course

39 Lessons

Google Ads (HINDI)

1. Introduction to Google Ads Course9:12
2. Creating MCC Account8:12
3. Adwords Account Structure3:28
4. Using Keyword Planner8:00
5. Search Network Campaign19:12
6. Search Network Extension 17:34
7. Search Network Extension 215:52
8. Keywords Match Types00:14:39
9. DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) & Countdown Feature00:08:10
10. Dynamic Search Ad (DSA Campaign)00:11:42
11. Graphic Account Creation00:03:10
12. Creating Banner for Ad00:09:40
13. Display Campaign51:22
14. Gmail Ad Campaign00:07:40
15. Smart Campaign00:04:58
16. Universal App Campaign00:07:43
17. YouTube Campaign 114:34
18. YouTube Campaign 22:38
19. YouTube Campaign 300:02:29
20. YouTube Campaign 400:03:12
21. YouTube Campaign 500:09:47
22. YouTube Campaign 600:02:00
23. Creating Merchant Center Account00:03:29
24. Linking Merchant Center with Adwords00:04:18
25. Creating Merchant Center Feed00:06:43
26. Entering Feed Information00:14:26
27. Creating Shopping Campaign00:02:36
28. Discovery Campaign00:04:13
29. Website Conversion00:15:00
30. App Conversion00:03:19
31. Phone Call Conversion00:03:35
32. Bidding Strategies00:06:44
33. Remarketing Intro00:05:36
34. Remarketing Tag Based00:07:00
35. Remarketing Rule Based00:10:47
36. Importance of Quality Score00:04:44
37. How to Check Quality Score00:02:01
38. Bid Adjustment00:03:34
39. UTM Parameters00:03:21

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  • The student should have knowledge of Internet

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